Frequently Asked Questions

A canine liability policy is a standalone policy that covers injuries or damages caused by your dog if it bites, scratches, scares, or causes a person to fall. This policy will also cover injures to another animal which may have been caused by your dog.

This policy covers you anywhere in the United States, on or off your premises.

Coverage under this policy is for a term of one year, and you can choose from payment in full or utilize our easy payment plan.

Yes! Some limitations apply, and each dog must qualify individually, but you can have as may dogs as you like on a single policy.

Simply click the get a quote button, complete the quote process and your quote will display on the screen for your review. If you do decide you’d like purchase the policy, you are only minutes away from having the policy in your email box. Remember, a quote does not OBLIGATE YOU TO PURCHASE ANYTHING.

We have four options for coverage $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 and $300,000, and none of the policies have a deductible.

Yes, we cover all breeds, including those normally considered dangerous such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Saint Bernard’s, Great Danes, Dobermans and Huskies, whether pure or mixed breeds.

We can cover most dogs, and our website uses technology that will quickly review your dog’s history and let us know right away if we can provide coverage. Sometimes, we may need additional information in order to offer coverage, if so, you will be asked to give us information on the incident(s) before we can offer coverage.

We are willing to review all dogs, labels vary widely we do not ask if your dog has been labeled.

Yes we are happy to assist, and if necessary we can extend your coverage to a third party like a landlord, or roommate.

Yes we can provide coverage provided the policy is in the name of the dog’s owner. To extend coverage we can add the landlord and / or company as additional insureds which provides coverage for them.

Yes, we can provide coverage if you use your dog in your line of work, and it is considered to be “Involved” or “Integral” to the work you do. Examples could be counselors, therapists or other types of work.

You may be asked to name your landlord, employer, a governmental entity or other interested parties on the policy in case your dog injures someone or causes damage. You may add one or more, but you must have their name, address, and contact information (either phone or e-mail). There is an additional for each named insured added to your policy.

No, you do not need to add a spouse, significant other or family member as an “Additional Insured”, if they reside at the same address as you, as they are already covered under the policy.

If your dog injures a person or another animal and your landlord or other “Additional Insured” is sued, this policy will protect you and your landlord (and any other “Additional Insured”) for medical costs for the injured party, defense costs and settlement costs, if any.

This coverage is available through the Excess and Surplus marketplace. These types of policies are often called non-admitted or non-licensed. The primary difference between this policy and an admitted policy is that if the insurance company were to go out of business, there would be no protection under your State Guaranty Fund. However, this policy is through one of the largest syndicates at Lloyd’s of London, FORMED IN 1688. To prove that you have been made aware that the policy is non-admitted, you may have to sign a form predetermined by your state.

Our customer portal makes it easy for you to make changes to your account information, update your address, add or remove a dog and to manage other important areas of your account.

No, the policy cannot be assigned or transferred to a new owner, or dog. Policies are specific and will only covered the named dog and parties on that policy.

The policy can be canceled at any time. If there are any “Additional Insureds”, we have an obligation to notify them of the cancelation. After the first ninety days, the return premium is determined by your individual states’ laws and regulations; however, no fees are ever returned. Should you purchase the policy and decide to cancel for any reason (even minutes later), 25% of the premium is nonrefundable.

Your policy can be managed through your client portal, the process . Go to your portal and make the request using the form presented.

All installments will be drawn directly from your account without additional action by you. If you are canceled for nonpayment of premium (for insufficient funds in your account), we will return any premium that has been paid but not earned (meaning used up). Fees will not be refunded and we cannot reinstate your coverage. Again, we are obligated to notify any and all “Additional Insureds” of cancelation.

Starting at about 6 weeks prior to policy expiration, you will receive a series of emails. If you want to renew, all current information will be included for you to review, including information on your dog and your contact information. Once you sign your state required documents, you go directly to the final page, select your payment option and enter your card information. If you do not want to renew, simply opt out. If your policy was canceled during the year, we will not contact you further.

This policy was designed with a unique rating and underwriting process. The questions you answer give us the information we need to determine if we can offer you a quote and for what price. Automation is necessary to readily assist as many owners as possible at the lowest cost, and to do so in the most efficient and timely manner.